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Ecumenical gesture

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Each church is invited to make an ecumenical gesture to the wider Christian community in Witney by arranging an event or series of events that others can join.

You are invited to consider carefully what you might offer, social or religious.  For example (“eg”) it may be a picnic, a film night, a bible study or a joint act of worship.  You may decide to offer something that is distinctive about your experience of faith and practice.  Or you may want to explore with another church, or churches, aspects of faith or issues in society that are faced by all.

You may decide to make your gesture specific to another church in the town, or offer an activity that is open to all.  When you have decided on your “eg” please send an announcement, including the date, time and venue, to the CTiW Secretary.  She will ensure that the event is publicised by email and on the CTiW website.

If you want to use the “eg” logo it can be copied and pasted by clicking above.

As “eg”‘s are announced we will post the information here.